Postman does not Show Up after Opening?

Any of you faced a moment where though the Postman icon displayed on the task-bar, after opening upon clicking on the icon; the window is not appearing on your screen? But you only see a thumbnail of the window upon hover and from ‘Alt+Tab’?

Assuming the Postman has saved it position from the last time I was using it, tried of reinstalling the Postman which didn’t solve the state. Neither Windows swapping shortcut (Win-Key + Left Arrow/Right Arrow) worked.

Eventually, solution is identified with three simple steps; Which is…

  1. Click upon the Postman on the task-bar even though it doesn't reflect any window.
  2. Press Alt + Space, and then the key ‘M’ where the mouse pointer will turn into a Move pointer.
  3. Then drag the a little and towards the center of your screen.

It resolved the issue without a hassle by appearing the hidden window.

So do try it out, without trying on other options before.
Hope it will save a lot of time

Postman Version Details:
Postman for Windows | Version 5.5.2 |win32 10.0.15063 / x64
on Windows 10 x64

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