Easy Guide to Setup Java Development Kit on Windows

JDK configuration is mostly a one-time configuration for a machine until you get a new laptop or did a hard-format for the OS.

Not every engineer by heart remember these steps and keywords to setup the Environment Variables. Therefore, this will be a quick-guide for any one from an Intern to Senior Lead.

Set the following user environment variables (== environment variables of type user variables)

  • (make sure that the longish does not contain any other references to another Java installation folder.

Notice that these environment variables are derived from the “root” environment variable . This makes it easy to update your environment variables when updating the JDK. Just point to the fresh installation.

To Check if configurations are a success;

Open a command prompt, type :

java -version
javac -version
echo %JAVA_HOME%

I will draft blogpost explaining the rationale behind all these environment variables in next update.

Till then, TaDaaa!! Don't forget to Applaud on this post if it helped you in configuring.

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